Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bouncy Balls - BALLIN'!

Originally published: Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 8:31pm

I don't usually gamble.

I don't get a thrill from it and I like keeping my money too much. But my new habit has become an addiction, perhaps worse than gambling.

I'm addicted to a little quarter machine game in Olympian Burger on Vermont Avenue near USC. For one quarter you can win up to 3 bouncy balls! THREE! I did it as a joke at first, since the fact that I have to hunch over to play it tells me that it's made for 5 year olds.

But now I have almost 150 bouncy balls in my room.

And you can only do so much with them. I dropped them all down the stairwell in my building (which was awesome), and I got into a bouncy ball fight with a few people (which was awesome until we-- until I --realized that some people are babies and will get all dramatic if you throw one stupid ball wrong and it hits them in the face).

It's gotten bad though, because now when I get change back, all I think about is how many bouncy balls it'll get me...

PS in case you ever wondered what it would look like, here's what 250,000 bouncy balls look like when they're launched down a San Francisco street.


Christopher Rodney said...

I used to LOVE bouncy balls as a kid. Especially big ones. I hd a couple that glowed in the dark. I don't think I ever got near 150 though. Lol. Does your little guy get into trouble with them?

Caitlin said...

@Chris: Sadly, I have no idea where all those balls ended up! This post was originally from college and I moved it over from facebook recently. So my toddler has no idea what he missed out on. But I'm sure he could make a ridiculous mess with just a handful of bouncy balls if I'd let him get his mitts on some!