Monday, September 22, 2008

Making Bus Drivers Giggle: A How-to Guide


Much earlier I had said that my mother suffered from EPS. True. BUT she had been outdone, quite unexpectedly, by my cab driver this morning. Do I need to work on my Arabic more now? Yes, yes, yes.

I was a little behind this morning, so I took a taxi to the bus stop. But I shared a fare with another woman (she was let off a few blocks away) before the driver took me to the bus stop.

Yikes. A few seconds here and there made the difference.

We pulled up to the stop just as my bus was pulling away, so I ask in broken Arabic for the cab driver to follow the bus. Boy, did he follow that bus.

I didn't know how to say "bus stop," so all I could manage was, "It's not a problem. There's another BLANK." The cab driver ignored me or didn't understand me because he kept right on the bus' bumper--honking, waving his arms, yelling out the window. We followed that stupid bus for a good two minutes straight of my taxi driver honking and hollering out the window. Persistent man he turned out to be, he even tried to force the bus to the side of the road with his taxi.

I. wanted. to. melt.

Finally, the bus came to the next stop. I got out of the cab, gave the driver an extra 1.50L.E. for a 2L.E. fare , and scuttled onto the bus to face a giggling bus driver. Only in Egypt.

And Mom, don't get any ideas.

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Mom said...

I think the cabbie was fabulous! How else could you travel at light speed...isn't that ho you made it through AP US, Euro., Govt/econ and Eng. last minute viaits to kinko's or the wal-mart Mom racing like a maniac to get there b-4 it closed? Sounds rather familiar...yes, I really enjoyed this one!