Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ancient Egyptian Bruins, not a typo

To those of you who feared I mighyt have dropped off the face of the Earth, fear no longer; I am here and ready to update the lot of you as to what I've been doing these last two weeks.

Note / apology for laziness: Some of the following may be pulled from emails that I sent home. So I'm sorry if some of you have already read some of this.

Not much of interest happened in the Frankfurt airport while waiting for my flight to Cairo. Although, I did sit in the wrong terminal for almost an hour before I realized that wherever I was, my fellow travellers were probably not going to Egypt (as I waited, the terminal slowly filled with men and young boys donning the yarmulke and wearing tzitzit, or "fringes"). I left as discreetly as possible, and looked around the corner to find Egyptians in designer jeans and some women wearing the hijaab. Found it.

As luck would have it, I was able to sit next to a fellow USC Trojan, and my roommate here, Daphne on the flight from Germany to Cairo. We marveled at how few passengers there were on our plane and at how delicious the on-board meal was (photo forthcoming... yes, I took a picture).

We landed and followed the directions given us by our host family, the Knapps (an expat couple from Manhattan Beach, CA). We headed straight to customs in the surprising airport heat. No one checked anything. We simply slid our passports through a window, walked through a turnstyle, and had our passports handed to us through a little slot. Home free.

We walked through the cigarette haze in the airport to the outside, finding a MESS of people waiting for passengers. I thought it was hopeless looking for our driver until I saw distinct a sign that read:
Welcome to Bruin Country! Go UCLA!
Beat USC!

With our names below a grinning bear. And lo, thus was our welcome to Cairo.

We were led outside into the hundred-and-something heat, and the frist thing we see in Egypt is a mobile billboard drive by with a huge image of America's finest representative: Britney Spears. Daphne and I exchanged looks and then chuckled at the irony.

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