Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Few Good Breakfasts. Gluten Free and Feingold Friendly!

Since diving into this strange, new diet plan here are some of the breakfast foods I've devised.

- Plain old eggs with salt and pepper

- Plain Greek Yogurt from Kirkland (Costco) topped with:
   * Kashi's Simply Maize Organic Corn Cereal 
   * Feingold friendly fruits like: banana and mango
   * or mixed with JIF creamy peanut butter

- Kashi's Simply Maize cereal with milk

- Hodgson Mill's Buckwheat Creamy Hot Cereal topped with
  * Feingold friendly fruits like: banana and mango
  * Brown sugar

- Envirokidz's Peanut Butter Panda Puffs cereal with milk

- Your choice of gluten free, preservative free bread with Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread or JIF.
  * Honestly, I haven't found a very great GF, preservative free, dye free, etc. bread yet... Maybe because I love real bread so much? But the coconut spread is pretty darn good anyhow. Just keep it on your radar.

- Baked pears and bananas by themselves, over GF toast, or on the buckwheat hot cereal
  * Preheat oven to 400F
  * Place halved pears face-down on a baking sheet and bake for about 15 minutes OR until the skin starts to wrinkle/pucker.
  * Slice bananas, brush with melted coconut spread or butter, bake on a sheet for 10 minutes or until they look smooshy and sweet enough for your liking. You can also cook banana slices in a pan, 1 minute on each side.

Have more ideas? Share them below!
Package shot for Kashi® Simply Maize Organic Corn CerealGluten Free Buckwheat Cereal with Milled Flaxseed-13oz.Creamy Peanut Butterprod-coconut-organic


Magson said...

I used to date a woman who had Celiac disease and was completely gluten-free as a result, so I've got a bit of experience with a GF diet.

I've never found a bought GF bread that was all that good (and always so expensive too. . . ). I found I actually prefer the taste of home-made GF breads. You can use a breadmaker or a "traditional" pan in the oven manner to do it. GF dough is kinda runny, though, so flat-breads (like pizza crust almost) usually work better.

That link leads to a lot of GF stuff you can have shipped, but to make bread you really just need their GF flour and Xantham gum (plus the other typical ingredients for bread, of course just sub in the GF flour for the flour and replace the yeast with Xantham gum). Except in looking at their site I don't see them selling the big 50 lb. bags of GF flour anymore, just various muffin and pancake mixes which use it. I bet if you call them they probably could still put together a 50 lb flour mix for you, though. I bought one of those a year or so back and use it for pancakes and it's wonderful. And one of these days I actually will pull out the breadmaker and use it in there too. . . . . one of these days. . . .

Magson said...

Dug a little more, and they've got 1 lb cans of their flour on the site:

But like I said, I'm sure if you called them they could make a 20 or 50 lb bag of it for you. Much cheaper on a per pound basuis un the bags vs the can.

Mike said...

Ain't no party like a gluten free party Cuz a gluten free party don't stop

SoCal Slav said...

Eat buckwheat because you love it. Eat it like a Ukie with pork belly and garlic all stuffed inside lamb intestine. Yum!