Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Throwing stars are not appropriate for court

Or so I hear.

I got a jury summons just before we moved across the country this summer, so I couldn't do my civic duty that time BUT I still had to go through the whole process of registering. Of course I immediately had to explain that I couldn't actually serve, but that's beside the point.

Key here is that I had to get oriented to the process regardless. In Los Angeles they are pretty thorough in describing some of the things you may not bring with you to the jury box. Now that we're settled in the new house, I'm posting what I thought was pretty good stuff. Without further ado, my favorites:
- Bicycle parts
- Rollerblades
- Rope that is longer than 2 inches
- Safety pins that are longer than 2 inches
- Flashlights that are longer than 3 inches
- Tools that are longer than 3 inches
- Grafitti tools
- Belt buckles resembling actual firearms
- Swords / cane swords
- Tape measures
-  Stun guns

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