Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lost in Translation: My Chocolates

Originally posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 7:51pm

Ben Preston and I just had some fun trying to guess what was in the box of German chocolates we were eating (we ate the chocolates, not the box). Anyway, the cheat sheet that most boxes of chocolate comes with--you know, to tell you what's hidden in each chocolatey surprise--is written in German. Very authentic. So we headed to the all-knowing fount of internet wisdom: Google. After translation, here are some of the things we found out about the chocolates we ate:

Marc de Champagne Truffles: chocolate-wraps from wife
Gianduja: delicate melting Gianduja with typical nutty-note
Ek Chuah: tender roasted cacao nibs in fine bitter-nut-nougat cream-chocolate-in alpine milk.
Pistachio-Marzipan: aromatic pistachio-marzipan flavored with cherry-water in the dark

After being thus informed, we're still trying to figure out whether we're okay with eating "nibs" or chocolate-wraps from someone's wife.

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